Our multicultural Thornhill community has an ever-growing population and with this comes the need to live in an environment where drainage systems are working as they should. We serve to make certain that the drain environment is clean and safe for all Thornhill residents.

Discounted Maintenance Program

We offer a scheduled preventive maintenance program for drainage and plumbing systems and fixtures.

This is especially to institutional and commercial clients; for instance, restaurants, municipals, colleges, schools and property managers at discounted rates. Maintenance programs can be conveniently scheduled to fit your routine. This is done to ensure that the interruption in one’s daily schedule is minimized and probably eliminated.

Some of the work we have done for Thornhill residents includes cleaning commercial kitchen plumbing fixtures and infrastructure such as drains and grease traps, waste and sewage hauling, cleaning and unblocking sewers and drains as well as maintaining parking lots.

The Benefits

What you will stand to benefit
Street flooding reduced
Parking lot flooding decreased
Filth-free grease traps
Clean storm drains and catch basin
Odor-free drains and sewer
Longer lasting drains and plumbing fixtures
Savings on plumbing bills

In Summary

The services include the following:
Cleaning and repair of sewer and catch basin
Video inspection (CCTV)of drain and sewer lines
Disposal of liquid waste
Mechanical and chemical roto-rooting
Hazardous material cleanups in case of spills
Industrial vacuuming
Interceptor pit cleaning
High-pressure water jetting

Fast response emergency service calls are an assurance. The team is always on hand 24/7 to deal with your emergency calls. Call today and have an appointment scheduled and enjoy brilliant results. Our excellent drain and catch basin cleaning services are also available in Oakville, Milton, Markham, Etobicoke, Danforth, Hamilton, Bolton, Ajax, High Park, Richmond Hill, Toronto and many other communities.

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